Why Buy New?

The benefits of buying a brand-new home

Buying a home is probably one of the biggest purchases we make. One of the main reasons why buying a new build is such a popular option, is because there is no onward chain. And no one else has cooked in the kitchen or, taken a bath and slept in the master bedroom! There will be no hideous carpets or wallpaper to remove, or, any previous home DIY bodge jobs to contend with. Depending on the stage of construction, when you reserve. Your new home can be a blank canvas for your to create your dream home, both with Barwood Homes support through our colour choices / extra, and beyond as you develop your interior and exterior design schemes for years to come.

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There are various schemes available to help you to buy your home but one that is only available on new builds is the Government Help to buy Scheme. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit help to buy web site to go here

With strict Building Regulations in place that we adhere to you have the comfort of knowing your home is built to a robust standard and with our new properties also built to an exceptionally high specifications you can rest easy that your new home will be ready and fit for purpose.

A new Barwood Home also comes with a 10 – year insurance policy to give you extra peace of mind, held with either NHBC or an equivalent recognised provider which varies from development to development.

A greener alternative

We work closely with Local Planners and also the Environment Agency to ensure that, we not only comply with these regulations, but, also that our build quality is second to none. When planning our developments, we take great care to ensure that we have adequate drainage systems in place and areas of open space.
We use the latest building materials that are not only more energy efficient, but also to prevent issues such as damp. Double glazed windows and doors are incorporated into the build to provide much improved heat retention with insulation being incorporated into floor, wall and loft cavities to provide the best possible thermal values. There are also huge environmental benefits and long-term energy cost savings when buying a new build. In England and Wales, we are lucky to have some of the best energy efficiency standards in the world.

Save money on bills

Installing the latest boiler these days is often half the size of what you may remember previously having and extremely quiet. It not only ensures you get hot water when you need it, it heats your home quickly and efficiently with individual controls to both floors and rooms. These benefits when combined with the double glazing and insulation which are all installed as standard with a new Barwood Home, offer greater energy efficiency and temperature control to our purchasers

We have all seen energy bills fluctuating recently so these features can make an enormous difference to your monthly outgoings. In fact, new build homes are about 50% cheaper to run per than a property that is considerably older and has not got the benefit of today’s modern materials and building methods.

Whether you’re actively looking or thinking of buying, there are many factors to think about when choosing the best option for you. Here at Barwood Homes we think you’ll be delighted with the wide range of properties we have available now.

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