Top Tips for Moving


This is the perfect time to dispose of all those items that are cluttering up your existing home or garage.  Do this before, obtaining removal quotes as, you do not want to be paying to move things that you may later decide to get rid of! Moving into a new home is like having a blank canvas where you will be able to put your own stamp on it in any way you choose.

Find a competitive removal company

Check comparison web sites for removal companies local to the area. Read the reviews and obtain at least two quotes before making your decision. We would recommend choosing a member of the British Association of Removers who can be found on their web site http://bar.co.uk/.

Notify everyone you are moving home

Once you have exchanged contracts take this time to notify all the important people in your lives. Schools, doctors, dentist, bank, utility providers, DVLA, Local authority etc. Make a check list to keep track of you have informed.

Redirect your post

Although, these days, most bills are electronic, it is still advisable to set up a redirection as there will always be something that you may have missed and therefore  have not informed them that your changed address.

Pack in a logical order

Consider which rooms you want to pack first. It makes sense to pack all the things you don’t need on a daily basis, together, with any seasonal items like the Christmas tree and decorations or garden equipment. Make sure that on the day of your move you have the essential items to hand such as the kettle, cups, spoons refreshments, toilet roll, soap, and a hand towel.

Don’t rush!

Moving into a new home can be a daunting prospect in, itself but, can be even more stressful if there are young children and or pets to consider. Try not to set yourself an unrealistic timescale to get everything unpacked. Believe us when we say you have a lot more stuff than you think so, it can be over whelming. Decide which rooms are the most important to deal with first such as, the kitchen and the children’s bedrooms. As soon as they have all their familiar things set up in their new bedroom it will make the settling in period a lot easier for them, and, less stressful for you.

Colour / number each room

Assign a colour or a number for each room. This will make it easier for the removals to put everything in the right place at your new home. If you have young children, you can make it fun by perhaps using their favorite Disney characters, let them name them and print pictures / stickers so they can attach them to the boxes for each room or keep it same and clearly mark boxes to show contents/room.

Set up food delivery

The last thing you will want to do on the day of your move, is to pop to the local supermarket for supplies! Order an online shop for later in the day, its one less thing to worry about. Order a takeaway for moving day, trust us, you won’t feel like cooking right now, even though you will want to try out your lovely new kitchen.

Leave a message for the owners of your old home

Write a welcome card, perhaps leave a bottle of something in the fridge. Consider leaving a folder with any useful information or warranties inside, let them know when bin day is, tell them who their neighbours are. Leave any information that you feel they might like to know or find useful, nearest shop for example.

Take a note of the meter readings

Once the van is loaded up, and you have had once last glimpse around to make sure you have taken everything, the last thing before locking up, and , perhaps saying goodbye to your old home and maybe neighbours, is to take all the meter readings gas, electric, water, so that you can inform the utility providers in order for them to accurately calculate your final bill.

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