Enhancing Sustainability

Every Barwood home will be constructed and insulated to standards that exceed current regulation requirements thus giving significant energy savings and offering a reduction in the running costs for your new home. We want to make conscience decisions regarding the type of products which we use to build your new home and also ensure that there is no excessive waste during the build and once you have moved into the property.

Barwood Homes

Our Commitment

The Barwood Homes commitment to reducing energy, water and waste extends across the building process where a diligent approach to constructing in a sustainable manner is adhered to at all times. As part of this, Barwood Homes has participated in the Considerate Constructors scheme. A voluntary scheme to raise awareness for the environment and neighbourliness on our construction sites. We have also successfully completed developments to level 3 of the code for Sustainable Homes.

Prior to commencing on site

Prior to any on-site works commencing, a waste management plan is created with processes and procedures for dealing with segregation and recycling of materials. In addition, energy and water usage, noise and dust pollution are all monitored. We want to ensure that as a company we are planning and acting accordingly in terms of the amount of waste which we produce at our sites. In accordance with the amount of waste we produce, we also ensure that we dispose of it in the most sustainable way, limiting the negative effects a construction site could have on the environment.

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