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Sherington Flower Festival and Open Gardens

Barwood Sherington

Sherington Village receive £200 towards the development of their Flower Festival programmes.

Barwood Homes has donated £200 towards the Sherington Flower Festival and Open Gardens. The donation went towards helping with creating a more sophisticated and detailed programme. This also promoted our newly available homes at Sherington Grange.


The Sherington Flower Festival and Open Garden has been running biannually for the last 20 years. Although it has been three years since the last one. With the help of Barwood Homes, the festival was able to re-establish itself this year. The Festival was organised by the Friends of St Laud’s Church, Sherington. The Charity raises funds to support the repair and maintenance of the church building, which needs work to the floor and walls.


Throughout the 20 years of this event, it has developed into the Flower Festival in the Church, Open Gardens and the Scarecrow Competition. This year the event was held on 22nd & 23rd June and the theme was “Creation”. This had been suggested by the Rector, The Reverend Coralie Mansfield. The theme was celebrated in the church with flower arrangements. Ranging from the Creation of the Universe to the Garden of Eden. As well as reflecting the World of Nature and the Animal Kingdom. Sherington School, Sherington preschool and Sheringtots all contributed to the displays in addition to the members of the “Olney and District Flower Club.”

How successful was the festival?

With 440 programmes being sold in total, it was estimated that 500 people attended. As well as there being a Morris band, a Scarecrow Competition and 22 gardens open. The main aim of the Festival was to create an atmosphere where the village felt like a community for all occupants. It was hoped that visitors and residents would be walking around the village. With the hope of visiting the church, seeing the gardens and greeting each other with a smile and a word. By all accounts they did just that! We believe our new homes encompass this ethos by ensuring our new builds blend into their existing surroundings.

The weekend was a huge success for the village of Sherington. Firstly, the English weather was on their side and they were blessed with a lovely, sunny weekend! They also raised a grand total of £3,000 with the help of programme sales and the sale of 300 teas. This will assist with the regeneration of the Church.

Georgina Shipley, Sales Manager at Barwood Homes said “We are delighted to support such a worth while group in Sherington”, and also added “We are extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to help provide a boost to their wonderful festival.”

As well as building brand new homes in the area, Barwood Homes want our new occupants and existing residents of the village to be part of one community. Therefore with the help of our contribution to local, charitable events we hope the village can continue to sustain its community feel.

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29th July 2019



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