10 Year warranty cover

With the BLP or NHBC warranty, you have the benefit of being covered against structural faults or defects which may arise within the first 10 years of the build completion date of your new property.

How this warranty benefits you

Structural faults can be extremely expensive to fix and, may not be covered by your standard buildings insurance policy. Having adequate protection in place is hugely important and will give you piece of mind.

Having such a warranty means in the unlikely, event that you may need to contact them, you will be looked after by some of the country’s leading structural warranty providers, which, has helped many homeowners throughout the country overcome major issues with their homes.

Warranty providers have dedicated claims team who will provide all the advice you need to get things sorted as quickly as possible as well as a free resolution service.

Your new Barwood home’s 10 -year structural warranty cover starts from the build completion date. The warranty providers own surveyor’s make the final checks and issue what is called a ‘Certificate of Acceptance’ once they are happy that the house is ready to be occupied.

Defects Insurance Period years 0 to 2

During the first 2 years of occupation, known as the Defects Insurance Period, should you find any defects with your home it will be up to Barwood to put things right.  You will need to relay these to our Customer Care Department, the details of which can be found via the Spaciable portal from the point of reservation.

Structural Insurance Period years 3 to 10

Further details of the policy document can be provided on a site by site basis and will be available from point of reservation via the Spaciable portal.

What is covered?

  • Load bearing parts of ceilings, floors, staircases, walls, and roof
  • Non-load bearing partition walls
  • Chimneys and flues
  • Roof coverings
  • External finishing surfaces (including rendering)
  • Floor decking and screeds
  • Wet applied plaster
  • Double or triple glazed panes to external windows and doors
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